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Gas Detection System Calibration Service

Let us give you the confidence and peace of mind you desire through professionally executed and documented third party calibration services. Our experience, focus, and credentials assure plant owners, insurance underwriters, and OSHA inspectors that your safety equipment is functioning at the highest level possible. We provide expert third party calibration and maintenance service for all gas detection equipment and stock a full line of replacement parts. We use only traceable certified calibration gas, which guarantees maximum reliability and superb performance for your safety system.

We are happy to assist you with recommendations for repair and calibration of existing equipment, or sales of new equipment to suit your specific plant needs.

We offer Field service on all brands of fixed-system and portable toxic gas detectors.
- Factory Authorized Calibration Services
- OSHA PSM Compliance Documentation
- Certified Calibration Gas. NIST-traceability
- Professional Documentation

We also offer in-house repair and calibration service for all portable toxic gas, flammable gas, and confined space entry monitors

OSHA PSM Compliance

The OSHA PSM Standard says:1910.119(j)(4)(iv): "The employer shall document each inspection and test that has been performed on process equipment. The frequency of inspections and tests of process equipment shall be consistent with applicable manufacturers' recommendations and good engineering practices."

The OSHA Appendix Explains:

"Elements of a mechanical integrity program include... documentation of instrumentation test and inspection results, and documentation of manufacturer recommendations."

Nationwide Field Service
From Seattle to Miami and Los Angeles to Bangor, our field techs are everywhere you are. We carry calibration gas and replacement parts for many different models, and our schedule is flexible to work around yours.

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