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Entrance Monitor | EM2

Order Number: EM2
The EM2 Entrance Monitor is used for remote display and/or as a single channel controller for gas detection systems.

Lead Time: 1 day

Control Panel | GG-2

Order Number: GG-2
Two Channel Controller used for gas detection systems in engine rooms and other 2 channel applications.

Lead Time: 1 day

Control Panel | GG-6

Order Number: GG-6
The GG-6 is the perfect full-feature controller for medium to large gas detection systems providing a Stand-Alone Safety System for 6-30 sensors.

Lead Time: 1 day

Expansion Module | GG-XM

Order Number: GG-XM
The GG-XM is an expansion module for use with the GG-6. Each GG-XM can add 8 channels to the GG-6 with a maximim of 3 GG-XM's (30 channels).

Lead Time: 1 day

GG-6 Remote Display | GG-RD

Order Number: GG-RD
The GG-6 Remote Display provides continuous real-time sensor readings and alarm indication for the GG-6. The GG-RD can be mounted up to 1000ft away from the GG-6, and mirrors the display.

Lead Time: 1 day

Entrance Monitor | GG-EM

Order Number: GG-EM
The GG-EM is discontinued. See model EM2 for replacement 
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