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Relay Module

Order Number: RM420-LR
Relay Module -  4-20 mA feed-through design maintains signal output function. Relay output with dry contacts, connects to CTI sensor enclosures. 

Lead Time: 1 day

Duct Mount Kit

Order Number: DMK-1
Duct Mount Kit for use with CTI polycarbonate enclosures. Hardware connects to sensor enclosure to provide air from duct.

Lead Time: 1-2 days

Equipment Safety Cage

Order Number: ESC-1
Protects sensors, emergency lighting, and other equipment from being damaged by fork lifts and other machinery. Allows easy access to equipment for maintenance. Bright yellow color for high visibility. 

Lead Time: 1 day


Order Number: AD-400

Lead Time: 1 day

Temperature Sensor

Order Number: Temp Sensor TS2
Temperature sensor for use with CTI detection systems.

Lead Time: 1 day aro

AD-Sentinel AutoDialer

Order Number: AD-Sentinel
AD-Sentinel AutoDialer uses a wireless Verizon or AT&T plan to send texts, emails, or phone calls during alarm conditions.

Lead Time: 1 day

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