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Handheld Ammonia Detectors

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NH3 Responder

Order Number: NH3-Responder
Handheld Ammonia gas detector (BW Micro5PID) designed for detecting all ranges of NH3.

Lead Time: 1 day

BW Solo

Order Number: BW-Solo
Handheld gas detector designed for detecting 0-1000 ppm NH3. Also Available for Cl2, CO, H2, H2S & more.

Lead Time: in stock (NH3)

BW GasAlert Extreme Ammonia Detector

Order Number: BW-GAXT-A2-DL
Discontinued. See new model BW SOLO for replacement.

NH3 Responder replacement sensors

Order Number:
Replacement sensors for the NH3 Responder (choose from list)

BW GasAlert Extreme A2 Replacement sensor (0-400ppm NH3)

Order Number: BW-GAXT-A2-RC
Replacement sensor for the GasAlert Extreme A2 (0-400ppm NH3)

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