NH3 Responder replacement sensors

NH3 Responder replacement sensors
Replacement sensors for the NH3 Responder (choose from list)
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Replacement PID sensor (0-1,000ppm) - $850.00
Replacement PID sensor Electrode Stack - $35.00
Replacement LEL sensor (0-100% LEL) - $170.00

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Replacement PID sensor
  • Range of 0-1,000 ppm NH3. 
  • Manufactures part number: SR-Q07.
  • Our part number: BW-M5-PID-RS.
Replacement PID sensor Electrode Stack
  • Kit of 2
  • Manufacturers part number: M5PID-ES-1
  • Our part number: BW-M5-ES
Replacement LEL sensor
  • Range of 0-100% LEL.
  • Manufacturers part number: SR-W04
  • Our part number: BW-GA-LEL-RS.
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